Look! Up in the Sky! What is THAT?

The places we like to travel are picturesque, filled with gorgeous nature and historical landmarks. Some trails the team travels often, but there are some they won’t have the opportunity to explore again for a long time. It’s Bill’s goal in life to gather moments rather than possessions and he loves to relive some of the majestic scenes when he is not out in the wild. He also loves to share them with others.

To capture the most incredible views, Bill flies drones, which he calls AirWOOF1 in honor of his dogs and in reference to the official aircraft that carries the United States President. (Fun fact: Bill’s deep love of history lead him to curate the Presidential Pet Museum.)

Taking footage of all trips is awesome, but even more important, the drones allow Bill and his team to constantly evaluate and better understand the dogs’ form, movement, and interaction with the DogPowered Go-Carts when they are out on the trail. This allows him to make sure all his dogs are safe and happy. To see more on AirWOOF1 CLICK HERE

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