What’s That Traveling Down the Road?

Don’t be alarmed! It’s just Bill and his team getting ready to run, or coming back from a wild adventure!

WooFDriving is no job for your everyday ordinary minivan. In order to handle a traveling pack of four huskies, a team of people, all the gear for DogPowered Go-Carting, and the equipment to document his adventures, Bill needed something rugged that could haul a lot of stuff. That’s why he helped design the custom built 6-Door Ford Excursion to handle the load. Equipped with a diamond steel-plated roof deck with an electric winch to load and unload DogPowered Go-Carts, a custom built hitch-mounted DogPowered VERTICAL carrier rack, and another electric winch to load and unload the rack, It’s no wonder Bill calls this The Jumbo Jet! Much more Info available here: The Jumbo Jet TruckLiner

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