What’s That Up Ahead On the Trail?

A Dog

Largely designed and/or customized by Bill himself, the DogPowered Go-Cart and other vehicles he uses were made with the dogs’ safety in mind. As technology progresses and the available materials improve, Bill’s bikes do, too.

Each bike is suited to different purposes and terrains. For instance, one of Bill’s newest bikes, The Low Glider, was intentionally designed to be minimalist and lightweight. In comparison, The BigRig, which is a tandem four-wheel bike, is a monster! Some of the carts in Bill’s fleet can even seat up to 4 people, and he’s been known to ride around with a musician or two playing some of his original dog-themed music! You never know what you might find on the trail when the WooFDriver is around.

To see his whole fleet and check out the evolution of the DogPowered Go-Cart designes, Click Here.

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